What’s in for the spring

Photo: Designs from Shelley Klassen for Blushing Boutique Spring 2016 line on the Vancouver Fashion Week runway on Tuesday, March 15, 2016.

Vancouverites are beginning to be teased with warmer temperatures, making spring fashion trends a topic of discussion once again.

Vancouver Fashion Week runs from March 14 to 20 for the fall and winter collection, but spring fashion is hitting the streets now. This spring, individuality, styled layering and 90s nostalgia are what’s in vogue.

Kim Krempien, former Vancouver Fashion Week fashion director and current fashion director for L.A. Fashion Week said the biggest trend she is seeing is the trend of individuality.

Krempien saw layers on layers that were very styled, but individually based with each model looking different on the spring runways.

“You’re just looking like yourself but wearing all these pieces that have some special meaning to you and are presenting your personality in a certain way,” said Krempien.

Krempien said nowadays almost anything is accepted with what people wear.

“The lines are so blurred now between all of the different ways people dress and I think thats actually really liberating,” said Krempien.

Spring trends arriving in the stores

Jessica Newland and Eric Ueland, the ladieswear and menswear managers at Hill’s Of Kerrisdale on West 41st Avenue have noticed an active or ‘athleisure’ trend.

The ‘athleisure’ trend includes sneakers, tailored sweatpants and bomber jackets.

Hills 4
Trending shoes within the ‘athleisure’ trend. Submitted photo from Hill’s Of Kerrisdale.

Another trend is a 90s resurgence which includes high rise denim skirts, cropped flare jeans and chokers.

“Things like that always come back in a new, more polished way,” said Newland.

The biggest menswear trend Ueland sees is the heritage vibe, with items such as the red winged boot and head to toe denim.

“Doing a jean jacket with a denim pant, almost what you’re told not to do in fashion is trending,” said Ueland.

Hills 7
Hill’s Of Kerrisdale spring arrivals. Trends here include sneakers, bomber jacket and head to to denim. Submitted photo from Hill’s Of Kerrisdale.

Giovanni Amenta, founder of Pink & Grey Style and Image Consulting and image case studies instructor at Langara College has noticed prints, florals, fringe, graphics, romantic fashion and the ‘hipster’ style trending.

“The whole hipster concept has become very mainstream. I’m surprised the hipsters are still doing hipster quite frankly,” said Amenta.

Amenta said trends usually start on the outskirts of what is the norm, which allows a platform for unheard voices.

At the end of the day, Amenta it never hurts to break rules. “As long as you feel amazing in what you’re wearing then its the right thing to wear,” said Amenta.

Here are some pictures of designs that hit the runway for the fall and winter 16/17 season (and some spring) at Vancouver Fashion Week on Tuesday, March 15:



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