Did you really click the “About” page? You really want to spend time reading about me?

Thanks, really.

My name is Anna Tilley. Currently, I am a Journalism graduate living in Burnaby, British Columbia. This blog has some of my work with the Langara Voice, where I was a reporter, then an editor and sometimes some other super cool, readable content from other projects, classes, or from my own mind.

In the long run, I’m interested in working in social media and communications. Within my time in journalism, I loved/still love to write about animals, food (chocolate is my best friend and my enemy), the environment, travel, entertainment, and events happening in whatever city/town I am in.

To get into some fantastic specifics…I am originally from the small town of Courtenay on Vancouver Island. I am a lover of skiing, baking cookies and making truffles, nature, piano, all things entertainment (celebs), every animal on earth, and anything even remotely Disney.

If you have anything in mind that you would like me to write on or look into, feel free to give me your beautiful, creative tips by emailing me at: atilley97@hotmail.com or send me a tweet: @atilley97

Thanks for taking an interest. You’re a star.


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